Sunday, March 3, 2013

8 and Great!

It's back to back birthday celebrations here at Cool Beans...and today we celebrated my eldest 8th birthday (which of course was also a continuation of my daughter's 6th birthday). The mornings began with a sweet surprise. A very, very sweet surprise.
Following his surprise donut cake, we got ready and went to church where he and his sister continued their birthday celebration with their sunday school friends whom I baked almost 7 dozen cookies for. Yes it was another sleepless night the night before, but all worth it.

After church we had lunch at their favorite pizza place, Papa Johns. Where there's "Better ingredients, better pizza, Papa Johns!" I just love their pizza. And once lunch was over we headed straight to Star City where the kids had their fill of rides, games, and junk food. It was a great 8th birthday for my big boy.

To end this tribute, here are 8 things I love about him...

1.) He's funny without even trying.
2.) He tells me I'm the best cook in the world.
3.) He takes good care of his brother and sister.
4.) He listens, even when you think he's not listening.
5.) He has his own quirky sense of style I would best describe as geeky boyband.
6.) He pretends to know all the words to songs like One Direction's "You Got That One Thing!" but ends up making his own lyrics.
7.) He easily scares...bad for him, good for me ;)
8.) He always tells my husband and me he wants to live with us FOREVER. Good for him, bad for us. Haha. But then again that just shows how much he loves us. 

Happy 8th Birthday Junior! I love you!


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